two people, one problem

I don’t remember much from my childhood
Besides a lot of constant fighting
And having to choose between two loving parents
Who loved me in their own two separate ways.

Mommy drank a lot of wine
Daddy drank a lot of drinks
Mommy and Daddy screamed
Mommy didn’t like Daddy

On Thursday, Daddy slept on the couch
On Friday, Mommy slept on the couch
Mommy loved tattoos
Daddy loved his bible

Two totally two different people
Suffering from the same disease.
[by Casey Roland]

your porcelain ex

I've been with all sorts of assholes, &
I'm sick of every one of 'em, 'cause--
                       taut, or
they all dump their shit on me.
                                                           [by A. Koudounas]

[by A. S. Fisko]

[by Autumn Lasn]